Check Imaging

An easy way to manage your Checking Accounts

With each Timberline Bank Checking Account (except Timberline Free Business Checking), you receive a printed copy of your canceled checks each month with your statement. It shows the account number, the statement period and page number across the top of the page.
The images are in order, starting with deposits, then checks. Checks are sorted in numerical order for your convenience. Under each image there is the date Timberline Bank processed the item, the serial or check number if available, and the amount of the item.
It has never been easier to compare the amount of a check you wrote against what was charged against your account.

If your checks are not as clear as you would like them to be, the following tips may improve the quality of your check images:

  • Use black or dark blue ink; it works best in the image environment. Never use light colored inks, especially red ink.
  • Make sure that the ribbon on your printer or typewriter is black or dark blue and clean.
  • Pick a simple check design. Scenic checks and dark designs do not image as well.
  • Purchase your checks through the bank for best reproduction quality. If you buy your checks elsewhere, ask us for guidelines on purchasing image compatible checks.



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