...are faster 

You’ll usually be able to access them the day they are created.

...add security 

A paper trail is an identity thief’s best friend. 

...are more convenient 

You can access your statements and notices anywhere, anytime you have computer access.

...are friendlier

to our environment receiving electronic statements and notices reduces the usage and impact of our natural resources.

Our goal is to provide you with safe, convenient and efficient ways to manage your finances. Timberline Bank’s new GreenSTATEMENTs are electronic versions of your periodic bank deposits and loan statements and notices. They look just like paper statements and notices and contain the same information but you access them online rather than being delivered through the mail. If you choose to receive your GreenSTATEMENT through electronic delivery, Timberline Bank will no longer send your deposit and loan statements and notices through the mail. By completing the online GreenSTATEMENT enrollment, you are giving Timberline Bank your consent. If you agree to have your bank statements and notices sent electronically, you also agree to notify Timberline Bank immediately of any change in your email address or any errors or complications relating to your electronic receipt or access of your bank statements and notices. This can be done by telephone [970.683.5560 or 800.331.3757], fax [970.242.2378], or email to You must have a valid email address which will be used to notify you when your GreenSTATEMENT is available for viewing. It will not be sold or otherwise provided to third parties. 

If you ever need a copy of your paper statement, we will be happy to provide one for you. To request a paper copy of your statements and notices or any disclosure that we provide electronically, please contact us at 970.683.5560 or toll free at 800.331.3757.

You may withdraw your consent to receive your bank deposit and loan statements and notices electronically. To discontinue this electronic delivery service, you can email your request to us at or you can request a discontinuance of the service by calling a Customer Service Representative. 

For you to be able to receive and view your statements and notices effectively, you must use an Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator are two options that will enable you to receive and use our service. If you do not have one of these referenced browsers, you can go to the web site of either Microsoft or Netscape and download the appropriate version of the browser you need. Also, to view your GreenSTATEMENT, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or greater. This product is available for free at We will store your GreenSTATEMENTs electronically for 18 months from the date of delivery. You may also print or download your statements and notices to retain copies of them.



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