Miscellaneous Fees

Effective Date 2/26/2016
Account Reconcilement $25.00 per hour
Account Research $25.00 per hour
ATM Transaction Fee 2.50 *
Bond Collection $30.00 per Bond
Bond Coupon Collection $15.00 per envelope
Cashiers Checks $5 per check
Chargeback $7 per check
Checking Maintenance Fee $10 per month ****
Closing Account Fee $20 if closed within 90 days
Coin Counting $3 minimum or 1%
Collection Items $10 customer
$15 Non-customer
Counter Check $0.50 after 1st one free
Daily Overdraft Fee $5 per day unless cured within 3 business days
Debit Card FREE
Expedited Debit Card $50 per instance
Deposit Corrections  $2 each
Document Copies $0.25 per page
Dormant Accounts $25 per month ***
Excessive Withdrawals $10 each
Fax Service $1 per page incoming
$2 per page outgoing
HSA Maintenance Fee $4.00******
IRA or HSA Transfer Fee $25 per request
Levies/Garnishments $50 per request
Money Orders $2 each
My Timberline, My Choice Debit Card Fee $5 per card created
NSF Paid/Return Fee $30 each item **
Online Banking & Bill Pay FREE
Savings Maintenance Fee $3 per month *****
Statement Printout $2 per request
Stop Payments 

$30 per request (In person; Telephone)
$15 per request if done through
       Online Banking

Wire Transfer – Incoming $7 for customers only
Wire Transfer – Outgoing $20 for customers only
Wire Transfer – International $50 for customers only

*Withdrawals at ATM's not owned by Timberline Bank
**Each item presented for payment which may include: checks, in person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals or other electronic debits that cause your account to have insufficient funds.
***A dormant account is one that has been abandoned for a period of 12 months by the customer and the bank (after every effort) is unable to contact the depositor.
****Maintenance fee is assessed if your checking account balance drops below $1000 at any time during the statement cycle.
*****Maintenance fee is assessed if your savings account balance drops below $100 at any time during the month.
******Maintenance fee is assessed if your HSA account balance drops below $500 at any time during the month.



Timberline and FDIC and EHL