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Timberline Visa Business Credit Card Management


Timberline Bank is excited to offer you an all in one Business Card Management Solution that you can use to check current balances, set user credit limits, check statement balances, and more. 


The SpendTrack Control Account allows customers to:

  • Check current balance
  • View available credit
  • See current credit Limit
  • Last statement balance
  • Minimum payment due
  • Check and/or change payment due date.
  • Determine past due amount (if applicable)
  • See and set automatic payment
  • Make payments and add or change payment accounts
  • Manage individual card holder accounts



Why is there a “Control Account” on my credit card?

The Control Account is in place to ensure employees only spend the designated dollar amount per month as specified by the business owner or authorized person. Making a payment to the Control Account outside of the billing cycle will not free up funds to individual users’ cards until the beginning of the new billing cycle.


Why isn’t an early payment to the Control Account immediately applied to the individual card balances?

The Control Account helps business owners/controllers limit the spending of any one employee to the designated monthly credit amount. This acts as a control feature to limit spending.


How do I free up credit for an individual card sub-account before the regularly scheduled payment cycle?

A payment must be made to the individual card. To do this, within SpendTrack, scroll down on the home screen to the Cardholders section. Click on “Make a payment” under the user whose card you want to pay down. Schedule the payment date and the amount you wish to pay down, select the Payment account, view terms and conditions, check the terms and conditions box, and choose “Pay.” This will free up the card for use the day after the scheduled payment date. This circumvents the Control Account spending limit.


How do I add a payment account?

From the home screen, click “Add payment account.” Select checking or savings, and enter the ABA routing number, bank account number, name of account, and account nickname. Select “Add payment account.”


How do I make a one-time payment?

Select the “Make a payment” tab, select a due date, choose the amount, select payment account, review/consent to the terms and conditions, and click “Pay.”


How do I set up an “Autopay” for my card?

Select the Autopay tab, select “Due date,” or “Choose a day.” Next, select the amount to pay, select the account type, and enter the routing and account number for the designated payment account. View terms and conditions, check the terms and conditions box, and select “Update autopay.”


How do I set up travel notices?

At this time, please call the Client Services department at the number above


How do I access rewards points for my card?

From the home screen, navigate to the uChoose Rewards Points section and click on the arrow next to your point amount. This will take you to the uChoose site where you can view, redeem, and earn points.

uChoose Rewards


Can I call Timberline Bank if I have problems and cannot resolve the issue online?

Yes. Timberline Bank support is available during M-F 8:00 – 5:00 by calling 970-256-8555.


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