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Timberline Business Digital Banking FAQs

Getting Started ‐ First Time Login

1. When will my business be upgraded to Timberline Bank's NEW and IMPROVED Digital Banking platform?

Timberline Digital Banking is coming very soon! To ensure we are able to give all of our customers the attention they deserve, we will be staggering the migration of our customers as follows:

  • June 20, 2024 ‐ Some business customers with basic services will be migrated
  • July 17, 2024 ‐ Business customers with more complex payment processes, including wire transfers and ACH will be migrated
  • August 6, 2024 ‐ All remaining business customers will be migrated

2. What if I want to migrate early?

Some services, such as Business Bill Pay and Positive Pay will not be available until August 6th, so if you utilized these services your accounts cannot be migrated early. 

3. How do I log in for the first time?

When you are migrated to the new Timberline Digital Banking platform, you will log in using your current username and password. Next, you'll be prompted to receive a secure access code via call or text to the phone number we have on record. You will be prompted to create a new password and will be provided with requirements to create a new password. Remember to re-establish alerts upon first login. 

4. Why do I have to change my password?

We have implemented advanced security measures to protect your personal and financial data. You will be prompted to update your password to a minimum of 14 characters when transitioning to the new Timberline Digital Banking platform. It is designed with enhanced security features to keep your information safe and secure. 

5. How do I access mobile banking?

Timberline Bank is proud to introduce our new and improved app, featuring a user-friendly design and advance technology with exciting new features available at your fingertips. When the upgrade concludes, the App Store and Google Play updates will be on this page. You will need to download the new app from your phone's app store and delete the old one. For the best experience on mobile phones and tablets, please use the app instead of the browser.

6. Will my sub-user permissions carry over?

Yes, your sub-user permissions will carry over.

7. Will sub-users' contact information carry over?

Yes, if we currently have your sub-users' information, it will carry over. To verify the information we have on file, please call Timberline Bank at 970-683-5660.

8. How can I create or update my sub-users on my account?

If you are the administrator on the account, you can add or edit sub-users by accessing the “Business Banking” menu, then clicking on “Users”.

9. Will using Face ID/Fingerprint to access my mobile app be affected?

Yes. If you have Face ID/Fingerprint enabled on your mobile device, you'll be prompted with setup instructions upon your first login.

10. Why don't I see an option to set up Face ID/Fingerprint in my mobile app?

If your device is not set up for Face ID/Fingerprint, you will not see an option to set this up within your mobile app. Set up your Face ID/Fingerprint on the device and you'll be prompted with setup instructions upon your first login.

11. Will my account information look the same?

Once you log in, you'll immediately notice an enhanced and streamlined look to your account listing. Click on your account to view up to 24 months of migrated transaction history.

12. Can I change my username and password after my initial login?

Yes, you will be automatically prompted to change your password upon your first login. Going forward, you can update your username and password by navigating to “Settings”.

Secure Access Code (SAC)

1. What is a secure access code (SAC)?

Secure Access Code (SAC) is a unique, single-use 6-digit code which protects against fraud by safeguarding your online transactions and sensitive information. A SAC is another level of authentication in addition to your Login ID and password, providing you stronger online security.

2. How will my SAC be sent to me?

You can choose how you receive your SAC: by text, email, or phone. To verify your contact information, log in to our existing online banking, click on the “Profile” icon in the top right corner, and select “Edit” next to your email or phone number to see if an update is needed.

3. Do I have to enter a SAC every time I log in or conduct an online transaction?

No. Once you have set up a SAC, you have the option to register your computer or device. Once your computer or device is registered, you will skip the SAC requirement when you log in again. To register your computer or device, click, “Register Device.”
* If you clear your browser's cache or cookies, you will be prompted to register your device again. *

4. Which phone number will the system dial for the SAC?

When receiving a SAC via voice or text (SMS), a list of phone numbers that we have on file for you will be presented. Select which phone number you want the SAC delivered to.

5. How do I stop receiving the secure access code request every time I log in?

When logging in, you will have the option to check “Remember Me,” which will remember the device you are logging in from and you will not be prompted for a security access code. Remember, these steps will need to be repeated for any device you are using to access Digital Banking.

My Accounts

1. Can I customize my Home screen?

Yes, you can drag and drop to reorder accounts on the home page. For further customization, you can hide and unhide your accounts, change the order, and assign nicknames on your accounts from within the Settings Menu > Manage Accounts.

2. How far back can I search transactions and check images?

Up to 24 months of transactions and check images will be available.

3. Will I be able to export my account information?

Yes. By clicking on the account on the Home page, this will bring you into the Account Details page. The “Export” option is located on the right side of the screen. The following export formats are available:

  • Spreadsheet (xls)
  • Spreadsheet (csv)
  • Microsoft OFX (ofx)
  • Quicken (qfx)
  • Quickbooks (qbo)

4. Will I be able to download my BAI2 reports?

Yes, this service is available on the new system.


1. How do I edit the delivery method for Alerts?

You can edit your alerts delivery method by accessing “Alert Settings” from the “Settings” menu and clicking on the alert you wish to edit. You can upgrade your delivery method to Email, Voice, Text Message, Push Notification, and/or Secure Message.

2. Will my current Alerts carry over?

No, you will need to re-enroll. Go to “Settings” and then “Alert Settings”. Select “New Alert” and desired alert category. Then, select the account and then turn on the alert you wish to set up, choose your delivery method (Email, Voice, Text Message, Push Notification and/or Secure Message) for each alert.

3. Will I be able to set up Alerts?

Yes. Go to “Settings” and then “Alert Settings”. Select “New Alert” and desired alert category. Then, select the account and then turn on the alert you wish to set up, choose your delivery method (Email, Voice, Text Message, Push Notification, and/or Secure Message) for each alert.


1. Will my scheduled and recurring transfers carry over?

Yes, should you need to make any edits or deletions to your Transfers, simply go to the “Transfers & Payments” tab, select “Online Activity” and select the type of transfer you wish to edit (single or recurring) and then click the Actions menu to edit, cancel, copy, etc.

Check Services

1. How can I place a stop payment on a check?

To place a stop payment on a check, go to “Services” tab then click on “Stop Payment”. To place a stop payment on an electronic debit, please send a secure message to the Customer Service option using the “Messages” tab or contact your local branch.

2. Where can I see a photo of my check?

Click on the account, then click on the Transaction to view the image.

Bill Pay

1. Will my Bill Pay information carry over to the new digital banking platform?

Yes. Your current biller, payment history, and scheduled and recurring payments will carry over.

2. How will I access the Bill Pay service?

You can access the Bill Pay service by logging into Timberline Digital Banking and selecting, “Pay with Bill Pay” under the “Transfers & Payments” tab. All your existing activity, payees, and payment templates will be available.

3. Can I send money to another person?

No. Person to Person transfers are not an available feature for business accounts. Please contact us for similar solutions designed specifically for businesses.


1. Will my Statements carry over?


2. How many months/years of Statements will be available going forward?

The same as you have available today.


1. Will I need to reestablish my Quicken/QuickBooks connection?

Yes, as we complete the system conversion, Quicken/QuickBooks by Intuit will need to re-establish their link to our updated system. You will need to modify your Quicken/QuickBooks settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. In preparation for the conversion, we recommend you complete a final download before August 1st at 9:00 PM MT and disconnect your accounts in Quicken/QuickBooks. Intuit aggregation services will be interrupted for up to 7 business days after August 1st.

The following Intuit services will be available to reconnect on August 6th.

  • Direct Connect ‐ Quicken and QuickBooks
  • Web Connect ‐ Quicken and QuickBooks (export file available from OLB - .QBO/.QFX)

The following services will not work during the outage, which could be up to 5 business days (August 2nd to August 6th). Intuit product users are encouraged to download a QFX/QBO file before this outage.

  • Quicken Win/Mac Express Web Connect/Quicken Connect
  • QuickBooks Online (QBO)

More detailed instructions on how to reconnect these services are available at the links below:

Quicken Conversion Instructions

QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Instructions

QuickBooks Online Conversion Instructions

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