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We strive for customer satisfaction and excellence in everything we do. From the moment you enter the building, we greet you as a person, not an account number—our belief in the value of exceeding customers' high expectations is what makes
Timberline Bank a bank here for our community. Our commitment has always been to provide
high-quality personalized customer service.

Hear it from your local community members!


"THE BEST customer service I have ever received at a Bank! Sarah, Adrienne, and Isabelle from the Grand Junction branch were awesome! The atmosphere and service were exceptional! Sarah also makes a great vanilla latte! Yes, they will make you a latte…"

              - Customer Bruce V

"I came into timberline to get change... I had a small group of individuals with intellectual disabilities and a woman who worked there stopped us from leaving and offered us coffee. She talked to each of my clients like you would talk to anyone else. If you work in a field like mine it’s not often that my clients get talked to like any other person. She took their coffee orders with SPECIFICS! she was absolutely amazing and so kind to my group. I was shocked to have such amazing customer service at a bank of all places. After we got our coffee it didn’t end there. The woman offered all of us goodie bags to take with us as well. She explained everything that she put in the bags to my clients and they all were so excited to receive another thing from this woman. After leaving a client told me “wow I can’t believe they were so nice there” which makes me happy to hear. Thank you to the woman who helped us today!"

              - Customer Alexis J

"Timberline Bank’s entire staff was beyond friendly and helpful. Transitioning to a new bank was something we put off due to multiple accounts and the fear of this taking a huge task to accomplish. Timberline made this a breeze and don’t forget the beautiful location!"


              - Customer Rachael E

"A little Background:I had worked as a bank teller at one of the US banks, and as window cashier/teller at one of the US military installations abroad and in the US many years ago. I am currently on a personal banking relationship with one of the nations leading credit union (been with them now for 36 years and in good standing).I had also experienced personal banking with the three Major banking institutions in the US but none of then lasted more than three years, and I was glad i maintained my simple personal banking with the above mentioned credit union.
As a proud resident of Colorado, I recently decided to go on a very small business venture locally as a safety surveyor/specialist. However the financial institution I am currently a member/in account with has no geographic branch I could easily access.
I researched five financial institutions on: expectations (the banks and my own), their services, amenities/perks, history, affiliations (local/global) and what it could mean to me as a small/slow single starter business owner with the desire of serving a special population in a a community where i reside. The four banks were eliminate on my list, and I decided to check out 2 banks: Timberline was one of them based on it had checked all my boxes, however I also need to check on “first impression from first encounter” experience, and sure enough I didnt even had to go to the other bank. Since I also heard from 2 close acquaintances of their preference for the Timberline in establishing our HOA account, I decided to find out myself and did a walk in visit. Sure enough, Timberline is worthy of anyone’s banking relationships! So impressed with the location, building layout, calm atmosphere, close proximities to other community services, an abundance of perks/freebies, and glancing at people around, they all have Smiles! As soon as I walked in, Brianna the receptionist greeted me, introduced herself, and didnt forget to offer me a beverage from the in house concierge, then Grace, my banker did the same, so I finally agreed to a nice warm tea that Brianna delivered,.and since I had all the required papers/documentation, Grace assisted me smoothly, from her office to Susan at the teller window, until I was ready to step out of the building, she made me feel good, that i am now a business owner! Jamie also sent me off with a bag full of pens & pencils when i told her and Grace that I had been sending some school supplies to the indigent school children in my town in the Phils. I know that perks, friendly smiles and the building alone a rent enough to get impressed and run around the town to promote this organization, but my first impression and wonderful experience from the moment I step in until I step out, made the breaking point, hence I will work hard, and be motivated to support this financial organization as a very siginificant member of this beautiful growing community, deserving all our trust, partnerships and affiliations. On behalf of my family, and the community I serve, I thank all the staff of Timberline bank, Grand Junction, CO. Please continue to extend your smiles, your warmth, and sincere appreciation to every person, whether a client or not who enters your business boundary. Good luck and I am here to support you as well, in whatever capacity I may be or may have."



              - Customer Leonora L

Impressive Customer Service at Timberline Bank from everyone we met! She is EXCEPTIONAL and manages multiple tasks impeccably! Thank you for a memorable banking experience!

              - Customer Genia R

Timberline is the best bank in the world! No, really! Everyone is so friendly, and who doesn’t love specialty coffee for FREE every time you visit!? They do so much for our community and youth! Can’t say enough great things about them!


              - Customer Amber C




Timberline Bank is an great parter. They take great care of our business needs. First class people!


              - Customer John K

Banking with timberline bank in aspen colorado is the best experience ever. The personal approach is top notch and the make everything easy start to finish. Whenever we need anything it’s a quick phone call away no matter where we are in the world they handle it. Thanks timberline!!

              - Customer Lindsey S



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